I have a private key, but I don't have a mnemonic word, so I can't transfer lisk. When can lisk wallet support the function of importing a private key?

I have a private key, but I don’t have a mnemonic word, so I can’t transfer lisk. When can wallet support the function of importing a private key? not just only support 12 passphrase?

Hi @asamu!
Thanks for your question.
Lisk Desktop will not support passphrase imports in the foreseeable future.

oh ! I bought 10000 LSK in 2017, at that time, only the private key had no mnemonic words,I kept the private key。Can’t my LSK transfer out?

Hi @asamu!
There is a possibility, but it is not so straight forward. It includes the following steps:

  1. Use the @liskhq/lisk-transactions package to create a new transfer transaction. Don’t provide the passphrase, which will create an unsigned transaction object.
  2. Use the getTransactionBytes method of the same package with the newly created transaction object, to get the transaction Bytes:
  3. Use the signDataWithPrivateKey method of the @liskhq/lisk-cryptography package:
  4. Broadcast the signed transaction via the API client:

This should be more or less all steps to sign a transaction with the private key. Please let me know if it fixed your problem!

Oh,It was too complicated for me to use. At that time, I called this command directly to my address. Now this command is no longer available. I can’t use the private key after downloading my wallet. Unfortunately, I may lose these LSKs

curl -k -H “Content-Type: application/json” \

-X PUT -d ‘{“secret”:“c377b8d787bcfb9386f3a18e138c6965”,“amount”:10000,“recipientId”:“13941720329184487984L”}’ \

http://localhost :8000/api/transactions